Ocean Sports Resort

Nature, Wildlife & Conservation

Humpback Whale Watching

Every year Humpback whales migrate from the arctic down to the warmer waters of Sothern Africa to breed. From the month of July through to September they can be seen on their long journey back up north to the arctic. With our spectacular view of the ocean, you can be enjoying your breakfast on the deck and see these magnificent creatures breaching and jumping out to sea. Whale watching boat trips can also be organized for those wanting to get a closer look!

Bio-Ken Snake Farm

Bio-Ken is a research centre open to the public. It houses the largest collection of snakes in East Africa and is a very worthwhile place to visit. View, handle and learn all about the incredible reptiles and amphibians found in this country.

Watamu Turtle Watch

Turtle Watch does a huge amount to help protect the turtles that use the Watamu Beach as their nesting ground. If ever a turtle is found injured it is kept in their sanctuary and cared for until it is fully recovered and can be released back into the wild. You can view these releases, learn all about turtles and find out about any nests hatching along the beach during your stay.

Kipepeo Butterfly Project

Located within Gede Ruins; you can admire the beautiful exhibition of butterflies. The project educates and helps local people to farm butterflies and moth species for export.



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