Big Game Fishing

December 5, 2020
J. Doig

Lucky enough to have grown up with a fishing rod in my hand, I had of course heard about the Kenyan coast line and the tight lines that accompany it.

I am a young male South African, now living in the U.K., you probably are or know someone like me. So after many months looking at the gloomy greys that London has to offer, Watamu was a breath of humid air I had been longing for.

When you book a day of fishing you wake-up with the sun, which isn’t as much of a chore as it sounds when fresh delicious Kenyan coffee is delivered to your door with a friendly smile and a selection of breakfast items.

And then you make your way to the beach to be greeted by the most phenomenal sunrise.

Once you are on board the fishing boat you can expect to be accompanied by playful dolphins and offered an ice-cold beer at 6.30am, as you head out to hunt for marlin. The days fishing can be really exciting and some days we didn’t have enough men on board for how often the lines were going. Of course other times when it’s slow, at least the sea is calm and the boats are comfortable.

Then when you head in after a hopefully successful day fishing you sit around the bar with all the other fishermen swapping stories whilst looking at the flags on what you have tagged & released.