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Watamu Fishing Festival

The Annual Watamu Fishing Festival was another great success. Hosted at Ocean Sports the 22 competing boats were auctioned on Friday night. A total of 323,000 shillings was bid, the highest amount being 24,000 shillings placed on Mistress by the fishermen.

At the end of day one Black Widow found themselves in the lead with a whopping 1500 points. Pussycat was in second place with 830 and Unreel had 797.5 points. There were a couple of other scorers and also quite a few boats with big ‘zeros’ on the board.

Running alongside the Watamu Fishing comp was the Calcutta Challenge. 40,000 K.Shillings to enter with 80% of this going towards the prize money for the biggest marlin caught over 400 lb. Last year no one was successful making this year’s prize money well over half a million shillings. Alleycat fought a marlin for 2 hours, believed to be 700 lbs, a definite winner, unfortunately the fish won the battle and got away. The competition can be entered by anyone along the Kenyan coast but by the end of day 2 no one had managed to catch a big enough fish. The prize money will therefore roll over to next year, making it a very worthwhile competition to enter if you fancy yourself as a skilled/lucky fisherman!

During the two day event 8 sailfish, 4 blue marlin, 3 black marlin and 2 striped marlin were tagged and released with only 1 sailfish and 1 blue marlin being boated due to the fact they were damaged in the hook up. There was also a rather rare spear-fish tagged and released.

The final scores were added up and saw Pussycat in 3rd place with 869 points, Unreel in 2nd with 1509.5 and Black Widow kept her lead in 1st place with 1517 points. winning by only 1 dorado felussi.

Although lots of the fishermen are out again today, tomorrow is the start of the ‘Friends of Kenya’ competition. Another great annual event.

A big congratulations to everyone who competed over the weekend and to those who helped organize the event and also to the sponsors. Image