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Watamu: Five reasons to visit beautiful Kenya

Kenya is a land of much natural and cultural beauty, but here are our top 5 reasons to visit:

The Great Migration: Millions of plains game move in an endless cycle of birth and death from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Masai Mara.

Eyeball Big Game: Visiting Kenya’s legendary national parks and game reserves almost guarantees that you’ll see the Big Five as well as huge herds of plains animals and hundreds of colorful birds.

Africa’s Fabled Tribe: The tall and dignified red-robed Masai have held explorers, adventurers, and writers in thrall for centuries.

Beach Escapes: Miles of white sandy beaches lined by an azure ocean and water sports galore. From diving and snorkeling to windsurfing, there’s something for everyone.

Turn Back the Past: Check out ancient history along the coast where Arab traders and Vasco da Gama once sailed. In the World Heritage tiny town of Lamu you’ll find an Arabic way of life unchanged for centuries.